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Falesco Vitiano

Falesco Vitiano

Region: Umbria

Notes:This wine is made from equal parts Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Sangiovese grapes grown in the region of Umbria in the central part of Italy. Watch as this purple, almost blackish liquid hurls itself into your glass and let it explode into your nostrils as you take in the intense aromas of ripe fruit and earthiness. Give this young red a little time to calm down in your glass, swirl it and let it mellow a bit. Now taste--- wow, the luscious fruit hits you but in a more subtle way than the aromas. There are plums, berries and some bitter chocolate and tobacco on the finish. The tannins are present here but not unpleasant. The finish is long. This wine keeps bringing me back to the glass to explore what other flavors are present. Not bad for $10..00!!!!

Pair with:Have it with a steak or some other rich meat and let yourself go.

Serving Instructions:Serve at room temperature.

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