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Entertaining: How Much Wine Do I Buy?


There are approximately 5 (5 oz.) glasses of wine per 750 ml bottle; 10 glasses per 1.5 L bottle

There are 60 glasses of wine per case ( both 750 ml bottles or 1.5L )

You should plan on one glass of wine per hour per person at your party.

For example, if you are having 60 people for a 4 hour party, you will need 3- 4 cases of wine. I recommend buying extra to be safe, there are always times when a bottle breaks, or is not in good condition. People lose their drinks as well and often have to get a refill.

Some helpful measurments for cooking or entertaining:
1 bottle of wine = 750ml.
30ml =1 oz. so 1 bottle of wine =25 oz. (5 -5oz. glasses of wine)
1 cup =approx. 250 ml so 1 bottle of wine is 3 cups.
1 quart = 32oz. =950 ml (approx.1liter) =4 cups
You can make approx 30 (using 1 oz). drinks from a 1 liter bottle of alcohol such as vodka for example. From a 1.75 liter bottle you can make approx. 50 ( 1oz). drinks. From a 750 ml bottle of liquor you can get 25( 1oz.) drinks.

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